Shadowlan Gaming Center


Game time is purchased on an hourly basis with special membership discounts for paid memberships!


Sunday – Thursday:

$5.00/hr – Non-member
$3.00/hr – Member

Friday – Saturday:

$6.00/hr – Non-member
$4.00/hr – Member

$30 – Day Pass

$100 – Day Pass Card (5 day passes – normally $150)

Memberships are as follows:

$100 per year, or $30 for 90 days, or $12 for 30 days.

Ongoing Daily Specials!

Buy 3 hours, get one free!

If you’re a returning customer- bring a friend as a new customer and we’ll MATCH
the hours your friend purchases on YOUR account up to 4 hours! (Hour matching only good on a new
customer’s FIRST day with a valid Shadow Lan account. Only one account per person allowed.)


If you want to rent Shadow Lan overnight, it is $300 to rent the entire facility
(for up to 15 people- $20 per additional person over 15 people in total.)

Lock-ins start at the end of normal business hours and last until 9:00 am the next day.

Please give us at least a 2 week advance notice of a planned Lock-in!

Children under age 12 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Need to play M-rated games but are under 17 years of age?

Here is our parental consent form: (google drive)

(No games that are rated M for explicit sexual content are allowed for ANYONE under ANY circumstances at Shadow Lan.)