Shadowlan Gaming Center

Fury of Hellfire!

World of WarCraft Patch 6.2 is here!

Fury of Hellfire!

Play it now at Shadow Lan!

New Summer Memberships!

We’re offering NEW summertime memberships as follows:

$12 – 30 day membership (approx. 1 month)

$30 – 90 day membership (approx. 3 months)

All memberships grant a $2 discount off our normal hourly rate!*

*$6/hr on Fri-Sat will only be $4/hr for members

*$5/hr on Sun-Thurs will only be $3/hr for members

Orange Bawls!

We’ve got the new Mandarin Orange Bawls! Come out and taste the next thing in the most popular gamers’ energy drink around!

Summer specials!

Our customers can take advantage of our great game playing offers:

Buy 3 hours, get 1 extra hour FREE!

New customers get 30 mins FREE!

If you’re a returning player- and you bring a NEW player to create an account, you get the same amount of time they buy MATCHED on your account on their first game time purchase – FREE!

More summer specials to be announced in June! Stay tuned!

LCS Spring Playoffs!

The League of Legends LCS playoffs are being shown up on the big screen at Shadow Lan! Take a seat and enjoy the ride!

Heroes of the Storm!

The newest MOBA by none other than Blizzard is coming out soon- and we have Heroes of the Storm installed on our systems for players that already have access! You can buy access by getting the Founder’s Pack!

We also have our current lineup of popular titles on the computers which include League of Legends, Dota2, HON (Heroes of Newearth,) and Smite!

So be sure to check them all out @Shadow Lan!

World of WarCraft 6.1!

The new release has arrived! Check out some features:

It’s a New Season of LoL!

It’s a brand NEW season of League of Legends, 2015!

Come and enjoy a new year of League with your friends at Shadow Lan and WATCH the LCS on our BIG SCREEN too! Play and watch for awesome LoL fun!

We’re on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, so are we! You can friend us and follow us here: Click Here!

More Bawls! By the case!

We’re selling Bawls Guarana by the case!

Regular and Cherry flavor are available right now!

Cases sell for $55ea (tax included)

As always, we also sell it by the bottle. Regular, Cherry and G33K B33R!